Are You Looking For A Career Change? Are You At Risk Of Losing Your Job?

How to get on the employment ladder; you have the skills now learn to develop them – Tracey Morewood

Sometimes we are just ‘plodding’ along in our job. Sometimes the choice has been taken away from us due to redundancy or re-structure. One thing I won’t be saying is that this book has all of the answers. It hasn’t. But what it does have is the necessary knowledge and tips to help you ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Inside you will find 10 steps to help you gain the job you want:

  1. Your transferable skills
  2. CV building – everything you need to build your own fantastic CV
  3. Cover letters
  4. Spec letters
  5. Effective job searching
  6. Positivity and motivation
  7. First impressions
  8. Application forms
  9. Communication – it is more than you think
  10. Interview techniques

I have broken down each step into an easy to follow and enjoyable guide. These 10 steps will help you reach your goal of finding employment, or even moving up the career ladder. As the sub-title of this book says; “You have the skills, now learn to develop them.”

Why not take a look around this blog to see any other useful information I  have put together.

The book is now available online as a paper back book, or you can now download to Kindle:

For more information please feel free to get in touch at:




About Tracey Morewood

I am currently an Employability Tutor and Contract Manager who's main aim is to help those out of work find the confidence and self-esteem to get back into work. I have been working within Offender Learning for almost 6 years but moved to experience different opportunities. Oh and those opportunities gave me the confidence to write and publish my own book. The name of this book is: How to get on the Employment Ladder; You have the skills now learn to develop them. I have helped many people gain employment, and for a lot of them this was something they never thought possible for one reason or another. Anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. My passion has always been about the learner and helping them progress and reach their full potential. Alongside working full time and creating my first book I am also a single mum of two teenage boys. So if there is anyone out there that says they 'can't' I will be saying 'you can'.
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