Communication and Getting That Job!

Taken from: How To Get On The Employment Ladder


Did you know?
•55 % Body Language

•38 % How They Sound

•7 % Of What We Say

Makes up our communication skills! Read on to find out more

  1. What you actually say within your interview makes up about 7% of our communication
  2. How you say it and your tone of voice makes up around 38% of our communication
  3. And how the interviewer first judges us with our body language makes up around 55% of our communication

I am going to take you through one of the above stages and explain through examples and experiences on why you need to understand this part of the communication process. Again, I cannot stress enough how important this section is.
Get this wrong, and I can probably lay bets that you will struggle to gain employment or progress within the company.

Because who the heck wants to employ somebody who cannot speak correctly, who won’t listen to others and who has a poor communication technique? Somebody who constantly looks fed up and bored (even though they may not be).
You will be like too much hard work, so they will go for the one who uses effective communication throughout their interview.


Put yourself into the shoes of the employer, you own the company and you have £15,000 or even £8,000 (just random figures) to pay somebody to work for you.

How do you feel if you are presented with somebody who has poor communication skills?
You know what, forget those figures, it doesn’t matter what they are paying or how little it is. The money still comes from the company. Even if you were to be offered minimum wage, every employer wants the very best out of prospective employees. The employers are in a fantastic position, just think about it. There are thousands of people out there who are highly skilled, have great life experience and so many qualities to offer and the lucky employer can have a pick out of a very good bunch.
So to the first scenario, what would you do if you were the employer? The key to gaining fantastic employability skills is to look at it from the employer or interviewers point of view.
Yes, you would want a fantastic person who had all of the skills we have gone through so far. And what lets you down, the way that you blooming communicate. Normally when teaching I would really lay this down and my learners think I have turned into a character from Jekyll and Hyde. This is because I need to re-enforce the importance of communication skills.
Usually I have numerous activities for the learners to complete. Again, this won’t work within the book so I will try and explain through real life experience and examples from my learners and my own experience.
Right, let’s get down to it! Body language, yes I know you will have heard how important it is but do you? Or is it something you just let go over your head because you have never had to really think about it. I did. I thought, yeah okay body language; arms folded and yawning is not to be done. Forget that, yes it is important but I am going to go further into detail.


Basically, body language is when people use their body or facial expressions without realising it. To communicate a message to another person. Time and time again we are letting people know what is happening in our head and in our thoughts without us realising it. Remember we are judged by people usually within seven seconds, so if you’re waiting for your interview and you are slouched eyes shut (maybe a late night) and constantly yawning. You have already given a message that you’re not that interested. A great big fat cross straight away against your name and that’s without you even opening your mouth (except to yawn).
Okay let’s have a look at another situation; you’re sat again in reception, your head is just focused on the floor or on your mobile phone. Can you picture it? How do you think you have come across? Un-approachable and not willing to communicate with others around you? I bet you have ‘excellent communicator at all levels’ (or something similar) on your C.V. Then blooming back it up, communication is not just about talking, you need to remember that.


I will go through the other stages of communication.

How To Get On The Employment Ladder available from Amazon and Waterstones’ online. Also available to download.

Any feedback most welcome to help me to continue to promote my book. Many thanks.

Tracey Morewood


About Tracey Morewood

I am currently an Employability Tutor and Contract Manager who's main aim is to help those out of work find the confidence and self-esteem to get back into work. I have been working within Offender Learning for almost 6 years but moved to experience different opportunities. Oh and those opportunities gave me the confidence to write and publish my own book. The name of this book is: How to get on the Employment Ladder; You have the skills now learn to develop them. I have helped many people gain employment, and for a lot of them this was something they never thought possible for one reason or another. Anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. My passion has always been about the learner and helping them progress and reach their full potential. Alongside working full time and creating my first book I am also a single mum of two teenage boys. So if there is anyone out there that says they 'can't' I will be saying 'you can'.
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