About Me

To lack self belief and confidence can be one of the barriers you may face when searching for employment. I certainly have. I wrote my book from the heart, added some of my own stories and some of those who I have had the pleasure (or not) to meet along the way.

You will find everything from building confidence to selling your skills within an interview inside this book. And all from a ‘down to earth’ (because I don’t do any other) way.

It does not matter what your past or present is, this book is to help anyone. Yes even those professionals who we feel don’t ever lack confidence. Some of them really do.

As a single parent with two teenage boys and working full time I still have a dream, that this book and my blogs will make it into schools, colleges, prisons, JCP, DWP etc.

I have knocked on many doors, to have them shut in my face. I have found help from people I don’t even know. So, if I can do what I have done after leaving school with nothing (but a bottle of Cider) then I hope to inspire and motivate others to reach their goals too.

Tracey Morewood


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